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Holsti-Bucks are redeemed at the WHA Junior Convention. Please remember to submit your name and county with your answers. Answers can be mailed to WHA at 902 8th Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913 or emailed to ashleyy@wisholsteins.com.

County Holsti-Buck Count - See which county is leading in 2015!


July 2015 Questions

1. When and where will the WI Championship Show be held? ($5)

2. Who will judge the 2015 WI Championship Show? ($5)

3. How many divisions of showmanship will there be at this year's state show contest? ($5)

Submit answers by the end of the month for big bucks!

2013 Holsti-Buck Program Update
Pitch those old Holsti-Bucks as there is a new look and feel to the program in 2013. The Holsti-Buck program has been under construction and the JACs have made some changes going forward. Here are the highlights:


    1) Holsti-buck cash will only be valid for the year in which it is awarded. After Junior Convention, new Holsti-bucks will be released for the year.

  • 2) The look and feel of our currency is different and will be modified each year

  • 3) Cash is available in $1, $5, $10 and $20 dollar bills with a special $100 bill for the high rollers!


  • 1) Holsti-Buck Corner in the News - Our Holsti-Buck Corner in the Holstein News will continue however the questions may have different amounts awarded for each based on the level of difficulty. Each JAC will write the monthly questions and will determine the amount to be awarded per month for their respective corner.

  • 2) Holsti-Bucks online – Our website will continue to be updated with new questions each month to submit to Larry at the office. However new this year will be Holsti-Buck Friday’s on the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association Facebook page. If you aren’t currently following us there, send a request! Each Friday new questions will be posted on the Juniors Facebook page and answers will ONLY be accepted that Friday and then tracked by the JAC’s for the office to post on the website each month.

  • 3) Involvement – Holsti-Bucks will be awarded based on your participation during the year. We will be watching who participates at our events and activities and then award Holsti-Bucks based on your involvement at our events, activities and shows. The shows not receiving Holsti-Bucks will be World Dairy Expo, Wisconsin State Fair and NAILE. Involvement means participating in a contest, attending an event or showing at one of our Wisconsin Holstein shows. Dollars will be tracked during the year by the JACs and posted online. Keep an eye out for events that will earn you double bucks!

Let’s see which county earns the most Holsti-Bucks this year!