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Membership involvement is essential to the success of WHA's events. Below are a list of committees with a brief description of each.

WHA members are welcome to be a part of the WHA committees they may call the WHA office at 800.223.4269 to ask to be a committee member or email larryn@wisholsteins.com.

Breed Improvement

Treasure Quest, State Picnic and member promotions are just a few of the responsibilities of this committee, which usually meets at least twice a year. This group also focuses on barn meetings and topics.

Co Chairs: Matt Lippert & Dan Cnossen

Members: Brian Herr, Doug Hodorff, Lynn Harbaugh, Jeff & Lynette Doornink, Robert Gates, Todd Stanek, Andrew Buttles, Dean Solie, John Steinhoff, Krista Luedtke, Bruce & Brenda Long, Randy Nigh, Jeff Werfelmann, Ray Buttke, Steven Fronk, Dean Johnson, Robert & Francine & Sara Galdi, Jeffrey Zwiers, Dan Peapenburg, Dan Cnossen


This creative committee helps to plan features for Wisconsin Holstein's only publication - the News! Members of this committee can submit ideas on features and editorial, and choose ads for contests at adult convention.

Chair Person: Paula Bovre

Members: Laura Wackershauser (Editor), Marci Walker, Bonnie VanDyk, Carla Gunst, Amy Ryan, Angie Ulness, Kari Stanek, Becky Kramer, Annie Hulle, Jen Staudinger, Sara Harbaugh, Emily Novinskie, Brenda Murphy, Nicole Breunig, Brenda Gilbertson, Vicki Cooper, Angela Davis Brown, Danyel Hosto, Amber Elliott


The Wisconsin Holstein Futurity is held each year in coordination with the Open Show at the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis. Help plan this 20+ year tradition, from decorations to sponsors, the exhibitor meal and more, every input and hand helps to pull off a great show in West Allis.

Chair Person: Todd Borgwardt

Members: Mark Gilbertson, Robert Gates, Roger Hildebrandt, Bill Nass, Russell Ridge Jr. Int. Protein Sires, Ron Sersland, BI Shane Sorg, Yvonne Preder, Bill Ehrke, Karen Rhodes, Jen Wackershauser, Catherine Agnew, Cheryl Ehrke, Laura Herschleb, Larry Olson, Brian Bolan, Richard Mayer, Brian Behnke, Tim & Barb Natzke, Christa Wendorf, Sarah Loehr, Stephanie Boeder Dawn & Gregory Hockerman, Davind Hinter, Shayla Danz, David & Jaime Owen, Jeffrey Zwiers, Gary & Melanie Peterson, Heidi Heller, Amanda & Steve Kilian, Lindsay Morris, Krista Kasten, Kristin Natzke, Darrell Christoph, Brad Gollnik, Richard Reeson, Bob & Karyn Schauf

District & State Show

District show season is just around the corner, and information for shows will be posted soon. This year's WI Championship show will be held at Manitowoc, WI. Information for this annual event will also be posted soon, and can be referenced via the Show Information tab.

Co-Chairs: Todd Borgwardt & Chris McCullough

Members: Mark Gilbertson, Lynn Harbaugh, Kelli Cull, Paula Bovre, Todd Borgwardt, Bonnie VanDyk, Paul Trapp, Angela Davis Brown, Steve Lanteau, Chris Davis, Todd Hoesly, Craig Krohlow, Sarah Wegner, Dan Peapenburg, Bill Case, Joshua Rynes, Kathleen O'Keefe, Eddie, Katie & Charlie Bues, Steve Fronk, Chad & Amy Ryan, Myriah Osley, William Hageman, Kevin Coffeen, Maria Holle, Julie Retzlaff, Steve & Amanda Kilian, Dawn & Gregory Hockerman, Katie & Grant DeBruin, David Hitner, Cheryl Ehrke, Shayla Danz, Jeffrey Zwiers, Clayton Wohlk, Gary & Melanie Peterson, Heidi Heller, Jeff Lambrecht, Lindsay Morris, Glen Gebal, Barb Kayser, Joe Martin, Victor Voight, David & Jaime Owen, Brian Coyne, Katie Ulezelski, Sara Feldmann, Orville Kemink, Ryan Bass and Todd Stanek.

Legislative & Resolutions

Thoughts for your legislature? This is the committee for you! This committee refers member's thoughts and ideas to government officials to keep them aware of issues affecting dairy producers statewide.

Chair Person: Kent Wendorf

Members: Jim Rickert, Angela Davis Brown, Brian Herr, Doug Hodorff, Robert Nigh, Henk Van Dyk, Rick & Karen Rhodes, Linda Hodorff, Philip & Karla Johnson, Maurice Cooper, Joan Judd, John Steinhoff, Matt Dorshorst, Ron Sersland

Midwest National Spring Show

The Midwest Spring National Show is a spring kick-off event of the show season in Wisconsin. Committee members help pull together a fantastic show, volunteering for check-in, official book keeping or helping in the ring. This national show is attended by Holstein Breeders throughout the Midwest.

Co-Chairs: Todd Stanek & Chad Ryan

Members: Mark Gilbertson, Bob Gates, Kelli Cull, Michael McCullough, Charles Westphal, Roger Hildebrandt, Wallace Behnke, Bill Ehrke, Barb Natzke, Cheryl Ehrke, Barbra Kayser, Bill Hagemann, David Hitner, Stephanie White, Richard Mayer, Josh Rynes, Katie Phend, Myriah Osley, Maria Holle, Julie Retzlaff, Shayla Danz, Gar & Melanie Peterson, Brenda Murphy, Kristin Natzke, Joshua Sazama, Lindsay Morris, Glen Lebal, Brenda Gilbertson, Amanda Sell, Marty Kinyon, Katie Ulezelski, Tracy Nelson

Sales & Merchandising

Select consignments, contribute ideas! This committee is largely responsible for the WHA state sale held each year. The 2010 sale is tentatively set for October.

Co-Chairs: Dan Cnossen & Kevin Jorgensen

Members: Lynn Harbaugh, Mike McCullough, Scott Pralle, Eugene Nueser, Tom Morris, Henk Van Dyk, Martin Kinyon, Rick & Paula Bovre, Willis Gunst, Daniel Peterson, Les Terpstra, Randy Nigh, Steve & Amanda Kilian, Albert Martin, Victor Voight, John Judd, Kevin Jorgenson, Nathan Dorshorst, Richard Reeson, Dale Kranz, Glen Lebal, Jeremy Henschel, Les McCraken, Joe Martin, David Trager, Orville Kemink, Brad Gollnik


This committee is responsible for reviewing and selecting scholarship award winners for WHA. In 2010, over $10,000 worth of scholarships werw awarded to members of the association. This committee also helps with acquiring donations for fund-building auctions.

Co-Chairs: Chad Ryan, Bill Calvert & Tracy Nelson

Members: Corey Geiger, Chad Ryan, Matt Lippet, Brian Herr, Jim Rickert, Andrew Jay Buttles, Dr. Tera Montgomery, Dr. Rick Daluge, Patti Hurtgen, Tim Buttles, Rebecca Kramer, Jim Olstad, Sarah Harbaugh, Catherine Agnew, Krista Luedtke, David Selner, Russell Rindsig, Donna Dorshorst, Tel Halbach, Linda Hodorff, Lisa Coyne, Josetta Halbur, Ryan Bass

Young Adult

Join a committee just for 21-45 year olds to plan social and educational events and meet other young adults throughout the state. This group is a great opportunity for young adults to get more involved in WHA!

Co-Chairs: Tracy Nelson & Marci Walker

Members: Robert Traynor, Lynn & Sara Harbaugh, Ashley Yager, Emily Novinski, Keith Engel, Erik & Brenda Gilbertson, Willis & Carla Gunst, Josetta Halbur, Beth Herges, Annie McCullough, Tracy & Mark Nelson, Chad & Amy Ryan, Paul & Sarah Trapp, Angie & Mark Ulness, Jenny Wackershauser, Laura Wackershauser, Katie Ulezelski, Paul Lippert, Amber Elliott, Marci Walker.