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2013 Adult Convention Recap

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Younger Distinguished Dairy Person: Chad & Amy Ryan
Distinguished Breeder Award: Brian & Wendy Fust
Distinguished Service Award: Barb Kayser

2012 Breeder and Service Award Winners












(Left to right) Barb Kayser, Amy & Chad Ryan, Brian & Wendy Fust

Wall of Fame Person: Alvin Piper
Wall of Fame Bull: Fustead Emory Blitz-ET
Wall of Fame Cow: Nectarlin Billie Bob Mark

Wall of Fame Inductees












Wall of Fame Inductees: Charlie Will presenting on behalf of Select Sires, Brian & Wendy Fust, Mary Piper-Finley and Marlowe Nelson. Inductees were Fustead Emory Blitz, Nectarlin Billie Bob Mark and Al Piper.

Top Performers
Overall Top Performer - Ralma Goldwyn Mayfly-ET EX-92, Thomas Kestell, Waldo
Junior Two Year Old - Synergy Planet Piper-ET VG-85, Synergy Dairy, Pulaski
Senior Two Year Old - Siemers Pagewire 13031 VG-85, Siemers Holsteins, Newton
Junior Three Year Old - Ms Epinema-ET EX-90, Thomas Kestell, Waldo
Senior Three Year Old - Dirt-Road TS Candice EX-91, Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair
Four Year Old - Ever-Green-View Maya-ET EX-91, Thomas Kestell, Waldo
Five Year Old - Ralma Goldwyn Mayfly-ET EX-92, Thomas Kestell, Waldo
Six to Nine Year Old - Ever-Green-View Elegance EX-92, Thomas Kestell, Waldo
Ten Years & Older - Hilrose Lee Princess EX-93, Jeff Brantmeier, Sherwood

2012 Top Performer Winners










Top Performer winners: Crystal Siemers-Peterman for Siemers Holsteins, Jay Jauquet for Synergy Dairy & Amanda Killian for Dirt-Road Holsteins

40-Year and 50-Year Members

40 and 50 year Members












40 & 50 Year members recognized at convention: Alan Hanke, Rick Bovre, Eugene Lammers, Tom Morris & Don Schmidt

Young Adult Educational Winners

2012 Young Adult Educational Winners













Young Adult Committee Scholarships: Marci Walker representing YAC, Doug Wallerman, Bob & Shelly Hart. The proceeds from the Futures Sale helps support annual Education Scholarships for young adults to attend workshops, industry events or annual meetings. 

2013 Guest Speaker

2012 Young Adult Educational Winners









Keynote speaker: Dr. Gordon Atkins, Senior Clinical Skills Instructor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.