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Holstein Association USA Releases Pedigree Analysis of 2015 National Holstein Show Winners

Brattleboro, Vt. (November 11, 2015)…Holstein Association USA has released its annual Pedigree Analysis of National Holstein Show winners, calculated after all 2015 National Holstein Shows were completed. The lists give you a picture of the genetics behind the cattle receiving show ring honors at the highest levels of competition.

Find the Pedigree Analysis of 2015 National Holstein Show winners at www.holsteinusa.com, under the “Popular Lists” section toward the bottom of the homepage.

Holstein females in the analysis are those that placed in the top three in their respective age classes at a National Holstein Show in 2015, a total of 162 different heifers and 215 different cows.

2015 Highlights

· Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET was the Leading Sire of 2015 National Holstein winners, siring 63 daughters who took the top three places in their classes. He was also the Leading Sire of winning heifers, 33, and the second leading sire of cows, at 30.
Atwood took over from his sire, Braedale Goldwyn, who had been the Leading Sire for five years. This year, Goldwyn was the second Leading Sire, of 53 winning daughters, and the Leading Sire of cows, with 40. Pine-Tree Sid-ET, in third place overall, sired 32 daughters in the top three places. Sid was also the second Leading Sire of heifers.
· Once again, Braedale Goldwyn capped all the Leading Maternal Grandsires lists, siring 26 heifers and 33 cows who placed in the top three. Regancrest Dundee-ET was the second Leading Sire in all three lists in this category with a total of 47.

· The combination of Pine-Tree Sid-ET x Braedale Goldwyn was the leading Sire Stack for all National Show winners, and for heifers, with 21 animals placing in the top three at 2015 National Holstein shows resulting from that mating. Braedale Goldwyn x Regancrest Dundee-ET was the second overall Leading Sire stack and also topped the cow list.

Find the complete Pedigree Analysis under the Popular Lists section on the Holstein Association USA homepage, or go directly to www.holsteinusa.com/shows/pedanalysis_show_winners.html.