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MAY 2012

Lyn-Vale HolsteinsLyn-Vale Holsteins

The Schultz Family, Waldo

Lyn-Vale Holsteins is located in beautiful east central Wisconsin along the Kettle Moraine State Forest in Waldo, Wisconsin. The 88-cow Registered Holstein herd, owned by Bill Schultz Sr., Bill Schultz III and Ronnie Schultz, boasts a rolling herd average of 25,956 pounds of milk, with a 4.0 percent and 1,037 pounds of fat and 3.2 and 818 pounds of protein.

Bill III is the managing partner of the farm operation, where he is responsible for the overall care of the animals and oversees the crops. Ronnie is the crop caretaker and also does some of the feeding along with their father Bill Sr. who also is the handyman around the farm and lends a helping hand where needed.

The family owns over 400 acres of land and raises alfalfa, corn, soybeans, and oats. All homegrown feeds are used for the 200 head of cows and young stock. A TMR is fed to the milk cows and dry hay is offered to all animals on the farm. The milking herd is housed in a comfort stall barn and let outside every day, weather permitting.  Heifers are raised in group housing and the young calves are raised in calf hutches.

One full-time employee, Yvonne Preder, works with Bill everyday taking care of the animals and overseeing the show prospects for the upcoming show season. Part-time calf manager Sue Walber and her daughter, Jeanna Sullivan, have been with the farm for seven years. Another part-time employee, Erica Marten, helps with the general farm chores and works with all sale consignment animals and show prospects. Bill has three daughters, Erika Bognar, who works in Quality Assurance at Sargento Foods; Heather, a full-time employee at UPS; and Amanda Roehrborn a registered nurse at St. Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan, who also helps with calf raising on the farm as time allows.

After graduating from high school, Bill became a DHI milk tester and although he grew up with an all grade bull-bred herd that dated back to 1926, he developed a keen interest in the Registered Holstein industry. The self taught philosophy best describes how he became involved in this business. Reading magazines, talking with other Registered Holstein breeders and attending sales triggered him to buy two calves at the Great Northern Sales Arena. While the calves were purchased for his oldest two girls to show in 4-H, these investments became the true foundation cows of the herd.

Poplar-Bend CR Fran was the first of the two calves purchased. Unfortunately, she had calving issues as a 2-year-old, but she did produce one heifer that has left a major impact on the herd, Lyn-Vale Valor Francha EX-91. This Sir C Valor daughter was bred to Chesapeake, a mating which resulted in another Excellent daughter, Lyn-Vale Chesapeake Sky EX-92. Sky was the dam of Lyn-Vale Leduc Stella EX-91, a Lystel Leduc daughter with a 2-03 record at 365 days of 32,382 3.7 1189 2.8 909, which was Amanda’s show heifer and turned into an exceptional show cow as well. She won the 2-year-old class at the Wisconsin Junior State Fair and Best Bred and Owned. The following year she was Junior All-Wisconsin and Reserve All-Wisconsin 3-year-old. That same year she was nominated Junior All-American 3-year-old. Today the herd is still home to Fran’s family members and some have produced to near 250,000 pounds of milk lifetime.

The other calf purchase was Miss Kris VG-89. Her daughter Lyn-Vale Jed Kristi EX-92 3E is the cow that brought excitement to the registered business for her owners. Today, close to 35 percent of the herd traces back to Kristi. Several family members have excelled in the show ring, garnering blue and purple ribbons.

The family’s breeding philosophy is focused primarily on type. To date, this philosophy has produced 19 EX, 42 VG and 10 GP animals. Sire selection is based on cow families and overall type with emphasis on udders and feet and legs. The herd is home to daughters of Advent, Durham, Redlou, Aspen, Jasper, Dundee and September Storm. Mating sires currently being used include red and red carrier bulls Attitude, Perseus, Destry, Heztry, Barbwire, Reality, Picolo and Advent. Black and white sires used are Dundee, Sid, Sanchez, Braxton, Goldsun, Damion and Windbrook.

Bill is quick to credit many progressive registered breeders for the success he has received thus far. Through many long hours of reading ads in breed magazines and newspapers, Bill took it upon himself to call and tour what he considered true prominent Holstein breeders. To build his herd, he purchased frozen embryos to quickly develop his genetic pool of both black and red Holsteins. These embryos were purchased from mentors like Tom Lyon, Rick Frozene, Jim Hoskens, Scenic-Edge Holsteins, Eric Westphal, Ralph Lange, Dale Schmidt, and Dan Peterson representing Castleholm.

Success came rather quickly in the red and white business. Scenic-Edge SS Reba-Red-ET EX-90 2E EX-MS was purchased as an embryo from Scenic-Edge Holsteins, the partnership of David and Yvonne Preder and Rodney Bohnhoff. Reba was All-American and Junior All-American Fall Calf in 2004 and Reserve All-American and Junior All-American Fall Yearling in 2005. She is still in the herd today and a permanent flush cow. She has daughters in the herd and Bill looks forward to them entering the milking string.

Two years later, Bill went back to Scenic-Edge Holsteins to purchase Scenic-Edge SS Justine-ET *RC. Justine, the dam of Junior Champion and All-American Scenic-Edge Jellybean-Red, opened the international embryo market for Lyn-Vale Holsteins. Her embryos, along with embryos from other cow families, have been sold internationally and domestically.

Another embryo purchase, Baycroft Rubens Glorious EX-91 3E GMD is another foundation cow at Lyn-Vale. Up to five generations (including Glorious) are on the farm and through the years several of them earned honors in the showring. Glorious herself was also Junior All-American Junior 2-year-old in 2004 and had a 4-11 record at 365 days of 43,032 3.5 1489 3.0 1310. Her Roy daughter, Lyn-Vale Roy Gabrielle EX-93 was Junior Champion of the 2005 District 10 Holstein Show. Gabrielle has an Excellent Allen daughter who’s VG-86 Goldwyn 2-year-old has a Jasper summer yearling who represents the fifth generation of animals from this family to enter the showring. Another Gabrielle daughter, Lyn-Vale Redlou Giselle VG-87 brought the “red” gene into this family and has produced two red daughters; one by Reality and the other by Durham.

Today, one of the most influential cows paving the way for the future in the red and white business at Lyn-Vale is Castleholm Regina Red-ET VG-88-2Y, 2-06 365 33,497 4.7 1588 2.9 955. She is a potential 14th generation Excellent from the Royal Rosa family. She has gained interest around the globe, both live animals and embryos.

Another is Miss Madison Avenue EX-91 from the Elm-Lawn-G herd, which was also acquired as an embryo. From the same family as Madison came three embryos sired by Goldwyn from the well known Elm-Lawn G Linjet Milkshake EX-94. Two daughters resulted from these embryo purchases, one which was sold and the other which classified VG-85 as a fall yearling in milk and stands in the first stall in the barn.

Bill acquired two full sisters, Bevendale Aspen Partygirl EX-93 and Bevendale Aspen Partydoll VG-87-2Y, who are both red carriers and have offspring at the farm that may join the 2012 show string. Bill also purchased embryos from L-Maples Redmarker Pepper EX-94 which resulted in three red and white September Storm daughters. All of them graced the colored shavings at WDE and stood in the top five in their respective classes. Offspring of these original three full-sisters still play a major role in the Lyn-Vale herd.

The Scenic-Edge Holstein milking herd is also housed at Lyn-Vale Holsteins. Bill is proud to house such animals as Scenic-Edge Jellybean-Red and Scenic-Edge MRB Jolynn-Red, two past Unanimous All-Americans. Several others have been nominated All-American along with several that Bill has bred and/or bought as embryos and developed.

Attending and participating in shows plays an important role in marketing and advertising Lyn-Vale genetics. Preparing for shows is truly a 365-day a year job. The show season starts with the Midwest Spring Show; both red and white and black and white shows. Then it is the District 10 show held in June, Wisconsin Championship show in July, Midwest Summer Red and White show in July, Sheboygan County Holstein Futurity in September, World Dairy Expo in October and NAILE show in November. Bill believes that his advertising dollars are well spent by attending shows and placing ads in different magazines throughout the year.

The show results from Lyn-Vale Holsteins really speak for themselves. They are a two-time winner of the Premier Exhibitor banner in 2007 and 2009 at the Ohio summer red and white show during the Ohio State Fair. Lyn-Vale Pfeffernaus-Red was nominated All-American Fall Calf in 2010 and Castleholm Regina-Red-ET and her daughter Lyn-Vale BM Renata-Red-ET were nominated All-American in 2011. Along with being nominated, Renata was Junior Champion at the NAILE show in Louisville, KY in 2011.

Milk quality is also a top priority for the farm. In 2011, Lyn-Vale was recognized by WDATCP Division of Food Safety for maintaining outstanding milk quality and commendable farm conditions for more than three years. Furthermore, the DHIA herd average is near the top of the list for 2x milking in Sheboygan County. Bill has also received the Progressive Breeder and Progressive Genetic Herd awards from Holstein Association in the past and the Sheboygan County Distinguished Breeder award.

For Bill, measuring success does not come in dollars and cents, but rather the pure pleasure of watching others succeed from what Lyn-Vale bred animals. Bill especially enjoys helping other breeders the way some of those elite herds helped him get his start in this business. This includes young junior exhibitors and their parents or the person(s) that have purchased an animal to use as their foundation cow of the future.

Boothhaven Holsteins is a prime example. Chris and Courtney Booth along with their four children have been showing a few of the Lyn-Vale bred and/or owned animals since 2007. Today, Bill allows the kids to show animals through the RWDCA lease program and will consider other lease programs in the future. Blue ribbons and trophies have graced the trophy case at Boothhaven; that in itself can put a smile on any breeders face.
Other young juniors and adults alike from the west to east coasts have animals that carry the Lyn-Vale prefix and have shown and earned many awards. Receiving letters and emails or a phone call and hearing from the excitement of their voice or the wording of their email is truly rewarding for Bill. Lyn-Vale genetics have made another person happy, a lifetime customer and most importantly, a friend.

Registered Holsteins will always be the reason Lyn-Vale Holsteins will continue into the future. Although there is no one at the present time within the family to take over the herd in the next several years, Bill is quick to mention that he hopes that a young person or couple will come along and want to work into the operation.

Selling animals through consignment sales and private treaty will continue. To him, owning his own farm, working with a herd of cows that can produce volumes of milk, and continuing to strengthen the herd pedigrees through sound solid type and good genetics is the best job in the world. The herd accomplishments speak for themselves and Bill is proud that his decisions have produced great pedigreed cows that graze the pastures and stand in his barn today.

Amy Ryan, Freelance Writer