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July/August 2012

Dream Prairie Holsteins Dream-Prairie Holsteins
Cary and Joy Moser Family, Westby

When Cary Moser started farming in 1975 he only dreamed of having cows that would make an impact on the dairy industry. Moser, along with his wife Joy, who’s career in emergency nursing has lead to her current position as EMS educator for Mayo Health Systems, farm near Westby, Wis. They purchased the farm in Vernon County in 2000 and milk 140 Registered Holsteins, crop 550 acres, and carry an inventory of 300 replacements and recipients. Dream-Prairie Holsteins has three full-time employees, two part-time milkers, and Cary’s father serves as volunteer tractor driver. 

Dream-Prairie Encore CloverCary started his dairy career when he was a freshman in high school with the purchase of his very first Holstein. “I still have that family. I have one cow that goes back 11 generations to my very first animal in my barn and they just keep living on,” stated Moser. After high school Moser rented a farm and began the pursuit of his passion of being a Registered Holstein breeder.

The cow that is pictured on their farm sign is one of the founding cows that started the Moser’s line-up of Excellent daughters. Dream-Prairie Columbo Brandy EX-93 3E is a homebred Columbo daughter that had two daughters including an EX-93 5E Triple Threat that produced 267,449 11,422F lifetime. Together, these two combined to be All-Wisconsin Dam & Offspring. Dream-Prairie Durham BrizilBrandy’s other daughter was a VG-89 Starbuck with 181,507 lifetime, and the dam of EX-93 3E Dream-Prairie Durham Brizil. “This family was one of the first and most influential, we still have a lot of offspring including some by Goldwyn, Shottle and Windbrook from thatfamily,” stated Moser.

As they continued to develop their herd, Moser worked with several outstanding individuals. The daughters from Spring-Fort Enchantment Jody EX-95 3E were among his top achievements. Jody produced five daughters scoring Excellent, including an EX-91 2E Southwind daughter named Jina with 44,127M 1875F 1407P who influenced the Moser’s embryo sales with sales of embryos to Japan. An EX-92 2E Rudolph daughter from Jody was consigned to the first Regancrest Sale and went on to win the Milking Yearling class at World Dairy Expo for new owners Carrousel Farms. Her Durham baby calf, which also sold that day, would become the high seller of the Top Ten Sale three years later at $33,000. Today there are many members and branches of the Jody’s in the herd.

As his journey continued, many other distinguished cows were developed including Dream-Prairie Encore Clover EX-92 2E who was Cary’s all-around favorite cow in the herd. “She was my favorite because she had an outstanding personality and with all that she went through she was a fighter,” Cary stated.

This outstanding cow was Reserve Intermediate Champion as a Two-Year-Old at the 2000 Midwest National Spring Show. As she began her journey in the show ring she was faced with health issues and was taken to the UW-Madison Vet School shortly before World Dairy Expo where they diagnosed that her stomachs were fused together and told Moser that she only had a few weeks to live. Moser took Clover back home and patiently cared for her as she fought for her life for nine years. In those amazing nine years, she had ten daughters: four Excellent, one VG-89, two VG-88, two VG-86, and one VG-85. Today, a granddaughter is one of the top cows at Dream-Prairie. Dream-Prairie Curio-ET, a VG-88 Durham with 365 record of 40,757M 2013F and 1206P as a five-year old was the first cow to break the 2000 pound fat mark for the Mosers.

Sierra-Acres Charles SassyThis was only the start to a line of genetics that was outstanding. Sierra-Acres Charles Sassy EX-90 2E GMD DOM, known as Charlie to the Moser family, was an addition to the herd that produced 210,000 lifetime. She produced four daughters that had a big influence in the herd. The most influential was Dream-Prairie Encore Celene, EX-90 2E with a record of 6-05 32,770 1407F and 1028P and an EX-93 mammary system. Celene had a set of Durham twin heifers that are currently both scored EX-91 2E. Dream-Prairie Cookie-TW and Dream-Prairie Cream-TW are identical twins according to genomics. Cookie is Dream-Prairie Cookie-TWscored EX-91 with an EX-92 mammary system and a production record of 4-09 38,472 1956F and 1237P and Cream is scored EX-91 with an EX-93 mammary system and a production record of 5-05 38,862 1945F and 1223P. This outstanding duo has four Shottles, two Talents, a Bradell and Bruno heifers between the two of them, as well as an EX-90 three-year-old Jasper granddaughter currently in the Moser herd.

Encore Celene’s maternal sister, Dream-Prairie SS Casper-ET was a September Storm that was scored EX-90 with an EX-92 mammary and production record of 4-08 365 39,101 2028fF 1169P. She has two Mr. Savage heifers.

Kingsmill HI Metro Razzle-ET, VG-87 EX-MS, is a potential 13th generation EX and was purchased by Cary and Joy’s son, Logan. She has production credits to date of 134,127M 5.1% 6727F 3.7% 4832P in just four lactations and is due again in September. She has four Bolton daughters, one that is EX, one at VG-88 and two at VG-86; a VG-86 Affirmed; and a VG-85 Advent, all as three-year-olds. Razzle has not only proved her ability as a brood cow, but also has an outstanding record at four years of age of 37,841 5.2% 1977F 3.7% 1341P. “Over her lifetime the averages have been extremely high in both fat and protein production. I’ve never seen a cow family that consistently produces such high percentages consistently from generation to generation,” stated Moser.

Moser’s line-up doesn’t stop here. BBVK Goldwyn Cookie-ET is scored VG-87 EX-MS as a two-year-old with a production record of 2-05 37,306 1512F 1211P and is a granddaughter of EX-97 3E Shoremar S Alicia. She has produced a Freddie son for ABS and several VG two-year-olds by Shottle, Jasper, Aftershock & Durable with De-Su 8375-ETpregnancies coming by Epic and Superlarge. Another cow in the herd that is in high demand is De-Su 8375-ET, GP-84 VG-MS, a Boliver sister to De-Su Observer with a two-year-old record of 37,397 4.2% 1582F 3.4% 1257P. She has many daughters with outstanding genetics among them including a Sherac at +2284 GTPI, two Shamrocks at +2350 and +2286 GTPI, and a Bookem at +2284 GTPI. She now has 14 daughters currently in the herd and one daughter by Destry sold in the 2011 National Convention Sale for $37,000.

Dream-Prairie MrB Replay, VG-87, is a red carrier Mr Burns daughter from RegancrestDL Renita-ET VG-87, the Goldwyn Mosers sold for $50,500 in the 2008 Parade of Perfection Sale from the Regancrest Regina family. As a three-year-old she has a production record of 2-03 365 34,534 1291F 1065P. Replay has produced eight daughters to date; among them is the potential ninth generation Excellent.  These daughters by Reality-Red, Durable, and Dusk are the building blocks in Moser’s line of outstanding cows from this family.

Dream-Prairie Mr B BethAs you walk through his barn today you will find the massive Dream-Prairie Mr B Beth, a VG-86 two-year-old Mr Burns maternal sister to Dream-Prairie Shadow Boxer. She has a production record of 2-04 35,222 5.1% 1794F 3.7% 1298P. Beth is due again in August with a heifer by Cameron and her son by Regancrest Ravish is at Semex. Her daughter Bethel, a Klassic Big Time daughter that was fresh in March, is currently milking 88 pounds. Her sons by Man-O-Man are currently heading to A.I. with genomic testing of +2431 GTPI +4.18T and +2261 GTPI. This family is one that has shown the potential that they could have an impact in the A.I. industry, with ties running back to the Barbies. Current bulls in A.I. include Bruno at ABS Global, Breaker housed at Semex, with Brett and, of course, Boxer both at Select Sires. 

More recent herd investments include a VG-85 two-year-old Sanchez from EX-95 RJR Goldwyn 1154-ET, an Alexander from All-American Long-Haven Goldwyn Rochelle EX-92, and a Boxer from EX-96 Tri-Day Ashlyn.

Cary not only has outstanding genetics but also runs a herd average of 25,418 1016F and 814P with 146 milking cows. He will continue to head to the barn each morning as he continues on the journey of developing elite genetics and his passion for the dairy industry.  Moser along with his wife, five children (Leah, Erin, Megan, Logan, and Courtney) and seven grandchildren have many memories from their involvement in the dairy industry and in their community; they have only missed one District Show in the last 41 years.

“We have always been involved in our community with the kids winning awards in the showring and Junior Holsteins and Joy and myself serving as leaders for 4-H, Holstein, at church and for other community functions” stated Moser. With such passion and love for the dairy industry it is clear that the Moser family is on a path that will leave them with many memories and a lifetime of stories to share with future generations.

Labecca Johnson, WHA Summer Intern